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Meet One of Our Golden Boys

By Heidi Jeter

Meet Gibbs. This active and adorable Golden Retriever joined our Golden Retriever Lifetime Study just before his second birthday this past spring.

His owner, Sue Campia, enrolled Gibbs because she wants to know why Golden Retrievers are at risk for cancer and why they are dying of cancer so early in their lives. Gibbs is one of the 600 dogs enrolled in the study so far; he will help Morris Animal Foundation find the answers for Sue and others who love this breed.

Sue is all too familiar with the diseases that strike Golden Retrievers. Though her first Golden Retriever, Hosanna, died of old age at 16 years, the next four weren't so lucky. Sue’s second Golden Retriever, Penny, died of lymphoma at age 15. Next came Sandy, who died of hemangiosarcoma at age 12, then Molly, who died of myasthenia gravis at age 10, and finally Meagan, who died of hemangiosarcoma at the tender age of 7.

“I enrolled Gibbs in this critical lifetime study because we owe it to all of our Goldens—past, present and future—to stop this horrible downward trend,” Sue says. “And we owe it to ourselves to stop the heartache.”

We couldn’t agree more. We hope you’ll join Gibbs, his other furry friends, their owners and their veterinarians by participating in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. If you don’t have a Golden, you can still support the cause by registering your dog in the Canine Lifetime Health Project and by telling your friends with Goldens about the study.

GOLDEN OWNER?  Enroll today and your Golden could be HERO and help save the lives of thousands of Golden Retrievers.


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July 12, 2013