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Golden Monday

The New Year Brings a Bit of Magic !

Happy 2015! We at Morris Animal Foundation are thankful for your continued support and we are really looking forward to many exciting things this year, one being the ongoing progress of our Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. We expect to hit a huge milestone in 2015 as we work to meet our enrollment goal of 3,000 strong.

We have met so many loyal Golden Retriever owners through the study, and we’d like to start the year by telling about the dog who brought some magic into Lindsay Turnbull’s life.

Lindsay got her first Golden Retriever when she was 16 years old. Magic filled her family’s life with so much love and joy; to say he was the “best dog ever” would be an understatement.

Magic even influenced Lindsay to dedicate her life to working with animals. Now a licensed veterinary technician and a professor in veterinary technology, there is rarely a day when Lindsay doesn’t refer to her experiences with her own pets.

Magic was 9½ years old when Bradi, another Golden girl, was added to the family. Bradi was born with a congenital defect that required someone with a veterinary medical background, like Lindsay, to adequately meet her special medical needs.

Six months after adopting Bradi, Lindsay was giving Magic a bath when she found a very large tumor near his anal gland. His veterinarian confirmed the tumor was malignant. In shock and disbelief, Lindsay discussed options with a local veterinary oncologist and then had the tumor removed. Magic did well for three months, but then he suddenly started to decline.

“My Magic puppy, my first love, the dog I compared all others to, was failing before my eyes, and I could not make him better,” Lindsay shared with tears in her eyes.

Like every owner, Lindsay assumed her Magic would die from old age. He was so lean, so active and seemingly so healthy—but then it all changed. An exploratory abdominal surgery revealed abnormal intestines. The veterinarian didn’t know if this was due to cancer spread or some other abnormality. Not wanting to put her beloved dog through any more pain and suffering, Lindsay decided to euthanize Magic.

Lindsay’s hero dog, Tyler #904, came into her life after Bradi’s breeders posted a photo of the last puppy of their most recent litter. Weighing only 3.5 pounds at 7 weeks of age, Tyler was definitely the runt, and he went through many goofy stages as his body tried to catch up to his age.

His disposition is everything you would expect from a Golden Retriever: sweet, loving, charming and hilarious. Lindsay and her husband joke that Tyler is not quite as smart as his sister Bradi, but that their personalities complement one another. Tyler and Bradi are in the process of becoming certified therapy dogs, and both are successful hunting dogs. 

When Lindsay first heard about the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, she was immediately excited about the information this study will collect over the lifetime of the participating dogs. Although Bradi was too old to enroll, Tyler was just the right age.

As a veterinary technician, Lindsay uses her participation as another platform for educating owners about Golden Retrievers. She hopes for long healthy lives for her dogs, and she knows that the information collected from this study will benefit future generations of dogs of all breeds.

Help us continue the magic this year by learning more or by registering your dog today at

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January 5, 2015