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Drug May Help Fight Soft-Tissue Tumors in Dogs

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This fellowship training grant provided advanced, hands-on training for a postdoctoral student participating in research on the effect of macrophages on tumor growth. Recent studies show that macrophages may actually stimulate tumor growth by inhibiting the immune system’s ability to launch a response against the tumor. Researchers from Colorado State University found that liposomal clodronate is safe to administer intravenously on a weekly basis and that the drug provides some antitumor benefit for soft-tissue sarcomas. The findings also suggest that liposomal clodronate provides maximum benefit when combined with chemotherapy.


Posted by MAFon October 15, 2010.

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Submitted by Bryon Bernhard at: March 2, 2011
shouldn't we be focusing on prevention instead of researching for new drugs? being pro-active instead of reacting? Supplements for prevention...better food? organics? staying away from genetically modfied products?