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Dog owner and veterinarian show dedication to Golden health

Golden Retriever owners are as loyal to their breed as Goldens are to their owners. That's why Morris Animal Foundation's Golden Retriever Lifetime Study caught the attention of veterinarians and dog owners across the country, including Dr. Michael Lappin and Nancy Bishop of Massachusetts.

"It didn't take any thought on my part to decide to support the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study," says Dr. Lappin, who is the veterinarian for four dogs participating in the study including his own dog, Isaac, and Nancy's dog Journey. "For the past 25 years, I have been driven by the need to do as much as I can to help this wonderful breed enjoy a longer, healthier life."

Nancy Bishop, a certified veterinarian technician, also shares a love of Golden Retrievers and a desire to help advance veterinary medicine to create a healthier future for the breed. This is why Nancy joined Dr. Lappin and enrolled Journey in the study.

To participate in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study and make your dog a HERO. Click here>>

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July 2, 2013