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2010 Meisha’s Hope 10 Day $10,000 Challenge Raises $12,404 for AIHA/IMHA Research

The 2010 Meisha’s Hope 10 Day $10,000 Challenge was held from September 6 to September 15. This online challenge raised $12,404. All money raised went directly to the Meisha’s Hope AIHA/IMHA Fund #338 at Morris Animal Foundation which sponsors studies on Canine autoimmune/immune mediated hemolytic anemia.

The anonymous matching donor who issued this fundraising challenge initially issued the Challenge for $5,000 but was so pleased by the response to the Challenge that the matching donation was raised to $6,000.

The Meisha’s Hope AIHA/IMHA Fund #338 at Morris Animal Foundation was started by Joanne & David Dickson in May, 2002 after the death of their beloved mixed breed dog, Meisha in November, 2001. In the years since the creation of the Meisha’s Hope Fund it has raised over $275,000 and sponsored or co-sponsored 18 studies on Canine AIHA/IMHA.

You can learn more about Canine autoimmune/immune-mediated hemolytic anemia by visiting the Meisha’s Hope AIHA/IMHA website at or donate to the Meisha’s Hope Fund at


Posted by MAFon October 21, 2010.

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Submitted by lynn at: March 26, 2012
on march 9th,2012 upon coming home from work my little chihuahua did not act like herself or even look like hayley. i picked her up do not know why i did this but looked at her gums called the vet on the way to his office. i learned shortly up on arriving my baby had something called IMHA never had even heard of this or knew anyone who had a pet with this. but was sent to the airport clinic for a transfusion it took 4 hours and my husband and i were so scared. we were allowed a visit right aftwards hayley picked up upon seeing us took one bit of food.we came back in a few hours and each time we did hayley seemed to get better some so we were allowed to take her home at 7.00 pm the next day. i was scared but i was there for her. she ate her pcv the day she came home was 25 and the it held at 25 until the 27th it was at 27 then on 24th it was at 38 . we did go to the vet 2 times a day then once a week now its every 2 weeks. my hayley will be getting a wheel chair her back legs are weak but she is not falling . the vet thought this might help until she gets more strenght. i am affraid it will be too heavy for her to baby was put on prednison azathioprine,pet tonic which was taken away that scares me. and famotidine. such serious meds but such a serious a pet parent i am just scared to death. i feel my vet did great. he called the clinic where she recieved her transfusion every 30 minutes even during the night.i don't think alot of vets would have done this. he has never ever had a case if IMHA in his office before this. but none the less i feel he is doing a really good job with hayley. but i have never gone through this as a pet parent either. hayley knows that she is loved and she is such a good baby she is 7 years old but she is my baby.i hope everything is being done right. i am home cooking for her i stew a whole chicken from earthfare organs and all cook yellow and green squash,greenbeans,garden peas, sweet potato, and carrots then drain after all fat and skin is removed and puree it all together. i hope this too is right and not wrong. i am just beside myself in knowing what to do. i have even made out flow sheets for meds and check each and every one given day to day and times. i do not trust myself to remember . for real!hayley plays with her toys while laying down but always played this way. and she sleeps more than before but she is eating good and drinking water and playing but isn't back as before the vet said it will be a good 6 weeks or more before she shows that she is getting well. but i think she has shown that she feels better after the transfusion.i can tell you that we have prayed alot for hayley and i do believe in prayer.i know she isn't out of the woods but i was told that she has recovered alot and very fast. i do not know if this is a good sign as i have never known anyone who has had a pet with this awful diease.i can say my heart feels such joy to see her improved but feels so sad to know the facts of the diease. but i have hope and believe with my heart this will be licked. and i don't have to tell anyone who has or is going through this with the pet child this is so scarry.with all the serious meds too!!as a pet parent i have never felt so helpless. my little hayley was in a home that abused her so and when i was blessed to find her she was just a 7 month old baby so good so humble and this is how all vets who have cared for her say she is a happy little girl but such a humble dog very gentel. i promised her iw ould never let anything hurt her again and i feel i have let this little one down. the vet said she needs a wheel chair. as i said her peopple abused her before she came to me and my little dog or cat deserves this awful diease but one who was abused just seems so wrong she has a back injury that even u.t. could not fix. she has been through so much but one thing she now knows for 7 years what love is and what it is like to have a family. this si something that i did have control over and this she knows.and i would adopt her all over again it was love at first sight.we together will fight this diease. i just hope that i am doing everything that i can and not one thing is left off as i do not know .. as i have never even heard of this so i do not know if something needs to be done that hasn't. i feel so helpless.
Submitted by macy at: November 8, 2010
i want to donate but i can,t sorry maby next time keep animals safe love macy