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Meow-za! What a Campaign!

Cats are purring about the results of Morris Animal Foundation’s Happy Healthy Cat Campaign. Launched in 2008 to significantly increase funding for feline health research and to raise awareness of feline health issues, the campaign was an outstanding success. We appreciate all of the cat lovers who supported this effort. It is thanks to gifts from hundreds of cat lovers that we were able to make a significant difference in the lives of cats. Some of the successes include the following

  • Significantly increasing overall funding for feline health studies to $1.7 million (21 percent of overall study funding) in fiscal 2011 from just under $500,000 (10 percent of overall health study funding) in fiscal 2007
  • Development of a genetic tool that nearly 30 Morris Animal Foundation–funded scientists are using to advance discovery of genetic mutations and predispositions to feline diseases
  • Funding of fellowships for three aspiring feline health scientists who are now building research careers in the areas of shelter cat health, chronic kidney disease and oral cancer
  • Establishment of the Cat Health Network, a collaborative effort by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Morris Animal Foundation and the Winn Feline Foundation; the goal of the network is to fund targeted health studies for cats
  • Development of a new type of cage for cats in shelters that decreases stress and infectious disease risk
  • Development of behavioral interventions for shelter cats that may reduce their stress and risk of disease
  • Identification of processes shelter personnel can implement to reduce stress and infectious disease and thus increase adoptions of cats
  • Investigations into genetic causes and potential new treatments for feline upper respiratory infection, particularly in cats in shelters
  • Gathering of survey information about perceptions of cats and likelihood of cat ownership among non–cat owners

Though the campaign is over, Morris Animal Foundation continues to be a leader in funding feline health studies—in fact, the Foundation is funding more than 65 of them in 2012. The Foundation has also launched an online Cat Health Info Center.

Posted by MAFon March 29, 2012.

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Submitted by Susan at: October 5, 2012
My husband and I are devoted cat lovers and hope that our current three shelter rescues, two are fifteen years old, one is ten years old, will benefit from new advances in feline health, especially CRF and IBD. They are beloved family members. We support MAF and hope that major breakthroughs come soon.
Submitted by Marty at: August 9, 2012
My cats are as much a part of my life and my heart as any human might be. Our family supports and values the Morris Animal Foundation on behalf of our felines. We so look forward to advances in the study of feline cancer and asthma. Keep up the good work!
Submitted by Tamara at: April 16, 2012
As a longtime cat lover and guardian, and as mama to two new kitties from area shelters, I can only say, 'Thank you!'