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Keeping a Close Eye on our Cat Companions

Cats are masters at hiding illness, so even the most subtle changes can indicate a serious health problem, including cancer. Cats with illness may show few, if any, clinical signs until it has progressed to the advanced stages.  The importance of early detection and routine preventive care are critical to keeping your cat healthy.

Despite treatment advances, cancer remains a top health concern for cats. Sadly, nearly 6 million cats are diagnosed with this disease each year. To help fight this disease and save our beloved feline friends, Morris Animal Foundation developed a Pet Cancer Guide for Cats to help educate cat owners about top feline cancers and provide information about treatment options and other useful facts.

To receive your copy of our Pet Cancer Guide for Cats, click here. A Pet Cancer Guide for Dogs is also available on our website

By: Tina M. Martinez

Categories: Animal studies
August 22, 2014