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Researchers Study Impact of Environment and Stress on Cheetah Health

July 3, 2012 MAF

Captive cheetah populations worldwide are plagued by debilitating diseases and infertility, conditions that are rare in wild cheetahs. Although these condtions were originally thought to be associated with the lack of genetic diversity in captive animals, mounting evidence indicates that chronic stress in response to aspects of the captive environment alters the cheetah’s immune system.

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New wildlife studies help a multitude of species worldwide

June 4, 2012 MAF

Part of Morris Animal Foundation’s unique contribution to animal health is that our mission includes helping wildlife. And not only do we fund wildlife health research, but the Foundation is often the only source of funding for wildlife scientists.

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Parasite Control in Giraffes

March 19, 2012 MAF

Captive giraffes are highly susceptible to parasitic infections that cause weight loss, lethargy and even death. Treatment to prevent parasites has caused some animals to develop resistance to medications, likely because of improper dosing.

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Identifying patterns of movement

February 17, 2012

Fellow works to prevent parasite outbreaks that kill sea otters

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Wild Animals Get Stressed Out, Too

January 9, 2012 MAF

We know that our pets can get stressed out, but what about wild animals? What would they have to worry about? Turns out, the answer is us.

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Monitoring stress in bears

December 29, 2011 MAF

Human activities can negatively affect wildlife populations, and in some cases may result in long-term stress and health problems in individual animals.

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A Call to Save the Whooping Crane

December 22, 2011 MAF

Great article from Smithsonian magazine about a Foundation funded study. Read more.

Study Findings Will Help Veterinarians Prescribe Pain Medication for Bearded Dragons

October 25, 2011 MAF

Veterinarians are aware of the need to manage pain in their reptile patients, but little research has been conducted on this subject.

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Foundation-Funded Study Is Instrumental in Changing Legislation

September 26, 2011 MAF

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Celebrating World Rhino Day

September 22, 2011 MAF

September 22, 2011 marks the Second Annual World Rhino Day. Although the international event was started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to take a stand against illegal rhino poaching and horn trade, Morris Animal Foundation is proud to celebrate its worldwide hand in helping these majestic animals in other ways.

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Swimming in dark waters

August 23, 2011 MAF

On any given day you can be sure that there are at least a dozen people lined up to see two of the best attractions at any zoo: the sea otters and sea lions. Kids run back and forth in front of the animals’ glass enclosures to encourage the hopelessly cute animals to follow them.

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Dietary Patterns in Giant Pandas Explained

June 27, 2011 MAF

Gastrointestinal problems and stunted growth from poor nutrition are the top causes of premature death of giant pandas, which can live up to 30 years in captivity.

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Research in Action: Distemper in vulnerable marine mammals

June 3, 2011 MAF

Populations of northern sea otters and Steller sea lions in Alaska have declined drastically over the past 30 years.

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Going to bat for bats

May 13, 2011 MAF

Researchers rush to battle rapidly spreading epidemic

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Research in Action: Santa Catalina Island foxes

May 6, 2011 MAF

After a catastrophic population decline of about 95 percent, only about 100 island foxes survive on Santa Catalina Island.

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Captive-rearing Efforts Promote Survival of Amphibians Released into Wild

March 31, 2011 MAF

Amphibians bred in captivity are often reared in ideal rearing conditions to maximize growth and survival in captivity, but once the amphibians are released into the wild, they may lack the ability to respond to natural stressors.

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Three Future Vets Rewarded by Morris Animal Foundation

March 16, 2011 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation recently gave three aspiring veterinarians prize money to recognize the animal health projects they did to advance the Foundation’s mission to improve the health and well-being of wildlife. Read more.

New Tool Monitors Stress in Injured Owls Undergoing Rehabilitation

March 10, 2011 MAF

Fecal hormone monitoring is a noninvasive tool used to assess stress responses in many species of wild and captive animals.

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Developing Safer Anesthesia for Hippos

February 15, 2011 MAF

We often get amazing photos from researchers in the field as part of their progress reports. Rather than keep these gems to ourselves, we hope to share some with you each month.

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Research in Action

February 10, 2011 MAF

This month’s research in action feature is about a current study looking at disease transmission in lions.

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