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2009: A Year of Animal Health Successes

December 14, 2009 Morris Animal Foundation

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Imm-purrfect Perceptions of Cats May be Costing Them Their Lives

December 9, 2009 MAF

Misunderstandings and myths often give cats a bad rap-and may even be costing them their lives. Although more cats than dogs live in U.S. homes, fewer of them receive veterinary care, less health research is conducted on their behalf, and most cats that enter shelters are euthanized. A recent online survey sponsored by Morris Animal Foundation, the American Pet Products Association and Maddie’s Fund gathered information about perceptions of cats and likelihood of cat ownership among non-cat owners. If envisioning the typical cat owner brings to mind the “crazy old cat lady,” prepare to be surprised.

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MAF's Cat Campaign Celebrates a Year of Better Cat Health

November 17, 2009 MAF

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When the Common Cold Becomes Deadly

November 15, 2009 MAF

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Identifying Drugs that Could Manage Obesity in Cats

October 13, 2009 MAF

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Symptoms and Prevention of Upper Respiratory Infection

September 14, 2009 MAF

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Signs Your Cat May Have Arthritis

August 19, 2009 MAF

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New Research Will Improve Life for Shelter Cats

August 14, 2009 MAF

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Cat Health Warning Signs

August 13, 2009 MAF

Cats often hide their illnesses from us, so regular preventive care is important. A list of common feline diseases by age can be found at If your cat shows any of the following signs, contact your veterinarian immediately.

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Exciting Potential Asthma Treatment for Cats

August 10, 2009 MAF

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