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Your Gifts in Action

September 7, 2017 Carol Borchert

For the past 69 years, Morris Animal Foundation has been a global leader in funding studies to advance animal health. With the help of generous donors like you, we are improving the health and well-being of dogs, cats, horses and wildlife worldwide.

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New Equine Research Advances Battle Against Cancer

May 18, 2017

Cancer is found in diverse animal species, from mice to sharks. Horses are no exception. They share many of the same cancers seen in other animals as well as people; cancers which can be devastating for horses and their owners.

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Timeless races back after persistent pain sidelines her to the paddock

January 24, 2017

Recurrent lameness and swelling in Timeless the Quarter Horse's right forelimb had left her limping and in pain. The source? A persistent infection of unknown origins she wasn’t able fight off. Morris Animal Foundation-funded researcher Dr. Steven Zedler used a new, non-invasive, imaging technology to identify the source of the infection for surgery and helped Timeless make a full recovery.

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Just breathe – study gives hope to horses suffering from asthma

December 1, 2016

Asthma, which cause swelling in the airways and difficulty breathing, is typically thought of as a human disease but also can occur in horses. In fact, equine asthma (recurrent airway obstruction) is one of the most common respiratory problems seen in horses. The disease leads to progressive breathing difficulty, severely impacting the quality of life for horses that suffer from it.

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Unraveling the mysteries of aging in horses

November 28, 2011 MAF

Most scientific research is prompted by the search for tangible answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions. Where did we come from? Why do we look, feel and act the way we do?

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Study Finds that Toxins Don’t Necessarily Lead to Laminitis

November 15, 2011 MAF

Laminitis is a painful disease that often leads to death in affected animals.

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Safer Drug for Pain Relief in Horses with Intestinal Injuries

June 21, 2011 MAF

Flunixin is a drug commonly used to provide much needed pain relief in horses with colic, but the drug also inhibits intestinal healing.

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Strides in Research for Equine Herpesvirus Funded by Morris Animal Foundation

June 1, 2011 MAF

Foundation Is Funding Four Current Studies to Fight Devastating Equine Disease

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Strides in Equine Stem Cell Research

April 21, 2011 MAF

Windy Bill was an exceptional thoroughbred who had spent the first part of his life on the racetrack. He was long-legged, lean and extremely tall.

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Treating pain without inhibiting healing

March 1, 2011

New drug offers new hope for colic patients.

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Findings Pave the Way for Research into Sugar Metabolism and Obesity in Horses

February 14, 2011 MAF

Study Results: Insulin sensitivity indicates how effectively the body metabolizes glucose (sugar). Body composition can influence insulin sensitivity.

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Morris Animal Foundation Rewards Three Future Vets for Their Contributions to Research on Large Companion Animals

November 1, 2010 MAF

MAF recently gave three aspiring veterinarians prize money to recognize the animal health projects they did to advance the Foundation’s mission to improve the health and well-being of horses, llamas and alpacas.

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Researcher Learns How Equine Influenza Spreads to Dogs

April 6, 2010 MAF

Since 2004, when an equine influenza virus jumped the species barrier from horses to dogs, canine influenza has quickly spread throughout the American dog population and has become an emerging threat to dogs.

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Young Scientist Gains Insight into Immune Response of Foals

March 24, 2010 MAF

Bacterial pneumonia, such as that caused by Rhodococcus equi, is the primary cause of death among foals younger than six months. It is unclear why foals are more susceptible to the pathogens that cause respiratory disease than adult horses are, but scientists hypothesize that differences in cell-mediated immune responses account for the disparity.

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February Study Successes

March 1, 2010 MAF

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Unraveling an Equine Mystery - Tying Up Disease

December 22, 2009 MAF

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2009: A Year of Animal Health Successes

December 14, 2009 Morris Animal Foundation

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News About Facial Cancer in Horses

October 26, 2009 MAF

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Treating Equine Asthma

October 16, 2009 MAF

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Report from Unwanted Horse Summit

August 1, 2009 MAF

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