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Toxic foods – tantalizing flavors can spell trouble for our pets

March 2, 2017 Kelly Diehl, DVM, MS, ACVIM

Although it is tempting to share a tasty treat with our pet, many foods that are safe for humans can be toxic for our dogs and cats. As concerned pet parents, it’s important to know which ones are especially problematic.

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Training Your Golden Retriever

August 7, 2013

“Bad behavior” is the biggest reason that pets are relinquished. Sadly many dogs don’t even realize their behavior is inappropriate. According to David Haworth, DVM, PhD, and president and CEO of Morris Animal Foundation, dogs thrive on having limits. As pack animals, dogs need a lot of structure—and as the owner, you need to provide it. You need to be aware of (and decide for yourself) what normal canine behavior is and what behavior is unacceptable.

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Tips for Keeping Your Golden Retriever Healthy

August 2, 2013

Celebrating your Golden Retriever’s birthday with a trip to the veterinarian may not sound like a great birthday present, but think of the annual visit as the gift of health. Along with good nutrition and proper exercise, wellness visits are your best bet for disease prevention and early diagnosis. Here are some additional health tips from David Haworth, DVM, PhD, president/CEO of Morris Animal Foundation.

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Betty White Announces Winners of the Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest

July 23, 2013

Dog lovers have spoken and the winners of the latest round of the Orvis Cover Dog Contest have been chosen. Animal lover and Morris Animal Foundation supporter Betty White teamed up with the Orvis Company to announce the winners.

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High School Freshman Receives First Place Award for Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

April 2, 2013

Cherry Creek High School freshman Apoorva Krishnan took her love for animals to the next level by getting involved in Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

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Study Identifies Causes of Brain Inflammation

November 9, 2012 MAF

Meningoencephalitis, a general term for inflammation of the brain and its outer covering, is a naturally occurring disease in dogs that is believed to be caused by genetic and environmental factors. The disease has a grave prognosis when the cause is unknown, and unfortunately, the cause is unclear in 75 percent of cases in dogs.

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Silicon Valley Stomps on Cancer!

October 3, 2012 MAF

Last weekend, more than 500 San Jose area dog lovers rallied together to fight canine cancer at the annual Silicon Valley K9 Cancer Walk benefiting Morris Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization that invests in science that advances veterinary care for animals. Volunteers in the area have held the event the last three years, and this year they reached a milestone by raising more than $200,000 for canine health research.

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Golden Retrievers Invited to Participate in Groundbreaking Study

September 27, 2012 MAF

Golden Retriever owners across the country are invited to apply to participate in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the largest and longest observational study ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs. Morris Animal Foundation, the nonprofit organization running the study, will enroll 3,000 Golden Retrievers over the next two years. To qualify, dogs must be under 2 years of age and in good health. Owners can register their dogs at

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Orvis Takes a “Shot” Against Canine Cancer

September 23, 2012 MAF

Cancer is a disease that touches many of us. Canine cancer is the No. 1 cause of death of dogs over the age of 2. About 50 percent of dogs will develop the disease in their lifetime, and one in four will die from it. Many dog-loving people and companies, including The Orvis Company, are taking a stand against this horrible disease.

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PetSafe Plans to Make Sunday’s K9 Cancer Walk Most “Woofed” About Event in Town

September 21, 2012 MAF

PetSafe is gearing up for its annual K9 Cancer Walk on Sunday, September 23, at the Cove at Concord Park. Proceeds from the event will benefit Morris Animal Foundation and their effort to help dogs lead longer, healthier, cancer-free lives.

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PetSafe Makes Community Happy and Healthy for Pets

August 23, 2012 MAF

Knoxville has been dubbed one of the pet-friendliest cities in the nation, in part thanks to the pet-loving team at PetSafe. They have taken the lead in helping to make sure that pets are respected citizens and that their health and well-being are a top priority in the community. To help drive this effort, earlier this month they hosted the first-ever dog-friendly black-tie gala in Tennessee.

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Potential Drug for Canine Blood Disorder IMHA

August 11, 2012 MAF

Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) is a common type of anemia in dogs. This deadly blood disorder occurs when the dog’s immune system is triggered to attack its own red blood cells. Despite aggressive conventional treatments, IMHA has a very high mortality rate.

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Ready, Set, Go! Annual Agility Trail to Support Canine Cancer Research

July 19, 2012 MAF

It’s time again to rally together for the annual Pepper/Sampson This marks the 12th anniversary of the agility event, which to date has raised more than $144,000 for canine lymphoma research.

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Study Identifies a Better Method for Dosing of Chemotherapy Drugs in Dogs

June 23, 2012 MAF

Currently, chemotherapy doses are calculated based on a dog’s body surface area without taking into consideration other physiological factors that could affect drug metabolism. New research is identifying ways to improve dosing methods.

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Scientists Produce Probiotic Bacteria with Potential to Prevent Urinary Oxalate Stones

June 13, 2012 MAF

Urinary stones are a common problem in dogs, and one that can cause life-threatening obstruction of the urinary tract. One common type of urinary stone is made of calcium oxalate.

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Meisha’s Legacy Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Hope

May 21, 2012 MAF

The Meisha’s Hope Fund, established to advance research into autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on May 25, 2012.

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Snuff out the ouch

May 18, 2012 MAF

Humans have been controlling their own pain for thousands of years—not so for animals.

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Heat-related illness in working dogs

April 27, 2012 MAF

A number of recent events have elevated the status of working dogs and highlighted the need to keep these dogs healthy. Although these dogs—such as K-9 officers, military dogs, or rescue dogs—often find themselves exposed to more palpable dangers, heat-related illnesses such as dehydration and heat exhaustion actually tend to be the leading causes of death in these dogs.

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Scientists work to outsmart overactive immune systems

April 10, 2012 MAF

It’s no secret that dogs and cats have extraordinary immune systems. Like many animals, they are biologically engineered to fight off an array of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and more.

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Studying Bacteria that Cause Urinary Stones

March 29, 2012 MAF

Urinary stones are a common problem in dogs, and one that can cause life-threatening obstruction of the urinary tract.

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