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In Memory of Tag – Owner Determined to Help in the Fight Against Canine Cancer

August 3, 2017 Carol Borchert

When Tag, a beloved golden retriever, lost his life to cancer, his devastated owner decided to channel her grief into action. Determined to help change health outcomes for all dogs, she is matching all gifts to the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, now through National Dog Day on August 26.

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A Chance to Change Cancer Treatment

June 15, 2017

Finding out your dog has cancer is a devastating experience for many pet owners. If you also happen to be a veterinarian, emotions collide as you find yourself in the position of both owner and doctor, like Dr. Joe Schmidt and his wife, Sue.

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Dedicated to Finding Cures and Saving Lives

June 5, 2017

For Marla, being a participant in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is a labor of love – love for Snickers and for the dogs she’s lost. Snickers, who also is a therapy dog, is a hero in her eyes, as are all the dogs enrolled in the study.

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Dr. Robin Downing Champions Morris Animal Foundation and Unite to Fight Pet Cancer

May 4, 2017

Always a passionate advocate for the animals who share our world, Dr. Downing has long supported the fight against cancer both professionally and in her own pets' lives.

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Join Morris Animal Foundation as We Unite to Fight Pet Cancer

April 25, 2017

Help us fight pet cancer and give our pets a better chance at a longer, healthier life – pets like Rocky, a beloved Dalmatian whose life was cut short by cancer – by making your gift today.

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Golden Retrievers Invited to Participate in Groundbreaking Study

September 27, 2012 MAF

Golden Retriever owners across the country are invited to apply to participate in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, the largest and longest observational study ever undertaken to improve the health of dogs. Morris Animal Foundation, the nonprofit organization running the study, will enroll 3,000 Golden Retrievers over the next two years. To qualify, dogs must be under 2 years of age and in good health. Owners can register their dogs at

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Potential Drug for Canine Blood Disorder IMHA

August 11, 2012 MAF

Immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA) is a common type of anemia in dogs. This deadly blood disorder occurs when the dog’s immune system is triggered to attack its own red blood cells. Despite aggressive conventional treatments, IMHA has a very high mortality rate.

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Study Addresses Concern Over Interactions Between Anti-Flea and Anti-Parasite Drugs

July 10, 2012 MAF

Drug interactions are a significant cause of death in human patients, but problems caused by drug interactions in dogs have received little attention. Understanding more about potentially harmful drug interactions is a critical component of preventive medicine.

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Scientists Produce Probiotic Bacteria with Potential to Prevent Urinary Oxalate Stones

June 13, 2012 MAF

Urinary stones are a common problem in dogs, and one that can cause life-threatening obstruction of the urinary tract. One common type of urinary stone is made of calcium oxalate.

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Scientists work to outsmart overactive immune systems

April 10, 2012 MAF

It’s no secret that dogs and cats have extraordinary immune systems. Like many animals, they are biologically engineered to fight off an array of diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and more.

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The 2011 Meisha's Hope Award Winner

February 22, 2012 MAF

For excellence by a veterinarian in the treatment of Canine Autoimmune/Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

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New Drug Administration Option Improves Cancer Treatment Success and Decreases Side Effects

August 17, 2011

Conventional chemotherapy drugs only modestly improve cancer survival rates while also causing notable side effects. Metronomic therapy, a novel method of administering chemotherapy that involves frequent, low-level doses of chemotherapy rather than higher doses given at longer intervals, may improve treatment response and decrease side effects.

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2010 Meisha's Hope Award Winner

March 16, 2011 MAF

The 2010 Meisha’s Hope Award for Excellence by a Veterinarian in the Treatment of Canine Autoimmune/Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (AIHA/IMHA) has recently been announced by the Meisha’s Hope website.

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Study Shows Preventive Heartworm Measures a Necessity in Western States

January 13, 2011 MAF

A recent study at California State University at Fresno, funded by Morris Animal Foundation, showed that heartworm prevention is still an important part of a well-rounded health plan for dogs in the Western states, especially if they spend a lot of time outside.

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Researcher Learns How Equine Influenza Spreads to Dogs

April 6, 2010 MAF

Since 2004, when an equine influenza virus jumped the species barrier from horses to dogs, canine influenza has quickly spread throughout the American dog population and has become an emerging threat to dogs.

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2009 Meisha's Hope Award Winner

January 7, 2010 MAF

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Better Evaluation of Suspected Lymphoma Cause

November 18, 2009 MAF

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Canine Influenza Virus

November 9, 2009 MAF

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Additional Therapeutic Option for Controlling Seizures

September 24, 2009 MAF

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Insight Into Chemotherapy Resistance

September 9, 2009 MAF

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