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Seeing Clearly: Identifying New Causes and Treatments for Feline Conjunctivitis

January 10, 2012 MAF

It’s not uncommon for cats to develop cold-like symptoms such as sneezing, runny eyes and a cough, especially in shelters or other environments in which many cats are housed.

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Drugs that could manage obesity

December 21, 2011 MAF

Obesity in cats has reached epidemic proportions: An estimated 20 to 48 percent of owned cats are now overweight.

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Looking Back: The Best Shelter Cat Stories of 2011

December 16, 2011 MAF

To celebrate national Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month in June of 2011, Morris Animal Foundation asked cat lovers to share their touching shelter cat stories on our Happy Healthy Cat Campaign Facebook page (now merged with our main Facebook page).

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How aging prompts kidney disease

December 8, 2011 MAF

Millions of older cats are affected by chronic kidney disease. The disease is costly, affects quality of life and has few treatment options.

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Sounding off about oral cancer

November 28, 2011 MAF

Research looks into treatments to help beat this painful disease.

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A Tale of Two Shelters

November 11, 2011 MAF

Feline upper respiratory infection (URI) is more than just a kitty cold. It’s a painful condition that can make cats feel sick for days or weeks, causes painful ulcers on the eyes and tongue and leaves some cats with lifelong after effects.

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Just a Hairball? Or a Sign of Something Worse?

September 29, 2011 MAF

Your cat’s dry, hacking cough could mean a hairball—but it could also be a sign of allergic asthma. The condition affects 1 to 5 percent of pet cats, and knowing the signs and treatment options could give your cat a chance to breathe more easily.

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Partnership launches cat health initiative

September 12, 2011 MAF

The cat needs a helping hand, and a newly formed partnership between some of the most influential feline organizations in the country is looking to provide that support.

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Testing New Drug to Fight Feline Injection-Site Sarcoma

July 11, 2011 MAF

Back in the 1990s, veterinarians began to notice an increase in the incidence of sarcoma in cats at the site where injections are routinely given.

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Study Identifies Promising New Drug Therapy for Feline Oral Cancer

June 22, 2011 MAF

About 10 percent of all tumors in cats are oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), making this the third most common tumor in cats.

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Share Your Shelter Cat Story for Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month and Win Fun Cat Swag!

June 20, 2011 MAF

America’s No. 1 pet may get a lot of attention in videos posted on the web and funny photos, but the truth is that each year millions of shelter cats in our country need homes

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The power of a gentle touch

May 17, 2011 MAF

One cat’s journey from a hoarder’s house to a loving home

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Study Results Lead to Better Treatment of Urinary Tract Diseases in Pets

April 13, 2011

One of the hardest parts about caring for pets is that they can’t tell us when they’re sick. But with a careful eye, you can notice when your pet suffers from disease conditions affecting the urinary tract.

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Morris Animal Foundation Expands Efforts to Improve Cat Health

April 5, 2011

Morris Animal Foundation has partnered with the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) and the Winn Feline Foundation (WFF) to create the Cat Health Network to improve feline health and welfare by funding feline health studies.

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Study Results Will Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Feline Conjunctivitis

March 18, 2011 MAF

Chronic infection with feline herpesvirus-1 (FHV-1) is common in cats, and FHV-1 is thought to be the most common cause of conjunctivitis.

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Keeping kitty kidneys healthy

March 1, 2011

Chronic kidney disease is one of the most common diseases in older cats, and it is consistently the top health concern among Morris Animal Foundation’s cat health supporters.

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Vet visits add up

March 1, 2011

Many of us are going to great lengths, and expense, to keep our four-legged family members healthy—and each year, we’re willing to spend more.

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Deadly Tick-borne Disease Not as Fatal as Once Thought

February 2, 2011 MAF

Researchers at the University of Georgia uncovered some surprising data in a recent Morris Animal Foundation–funded study of cytauxzoonosis, a tick-borne disease that affects cats.

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Celebrity Judge Betty White Chooses Winning Cat Photograph for Contest

January 14, 2011 MAF

Cats are notoriously hard to photograph, but the results can be well worth the effort.

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Study Shows 1 Percent Reduction of URI in Shelter Cats Could Save $3 Million, Countless Cats

November 12, 2010 MAF

On a national level, statistics of sick cats in shelters are heartbreaking. An estimated 4 million cats pass through United States shelters annually, and upper respiratory infection (URI) is among the top reasons for euthanasia.

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