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Join the Celebration and Honor a Golden Girl

October 1, 2013

Whether furry, feathered, finned or fuzzy, animals inspire us. Because of this, we believe they deserve the best in veterinary medicine. That’s why Morris Animal Foundation supports science that will make the world a brighter, healthier place for animals and those who love them.

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Morris Animal Foundation Celebrates Anniversary with Matching Gift

September 30, 2013

Morris Animal Foundation would like to thank our loyal donors for your generous donations! Because of you, we surpassed the goal we set for our 65th Anniversary Matching Gift Challenge. Thousands of animal lovers across the country dug deep and gave generously to put us over the top, ensuring we received a...

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Help Betty White Save Sea Lion Pups!

July 3, 2013

Known for their keen intelligence, playful natures and general adorableness, California sea lions have won their way into many an animal lover’s heart, including ours at Morris Animal Foundation. So when marine researchers at the National Marine Mammal Foundation in California informed us that more than 1,200 California sea lions, mostly young pups, had died suddenly this year, we knew we had to help.

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Birthday Wishes for Betty White

January 10, 2012 MAF

Betty White celebrates her 90th birthday on January 17. Learn more about Betty’s work with us.

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MAF Trustee Betty White and The Orvis Company Team Up to Tackle Canine Cancer (Hilarious Video)

October 20, 2011 MAF

Long-time Morris Animal Foundation friend and trustee Betty White is unwavering in her quest to create a healthier tomorrow for animals. Perhaps the only thing that outshines Betty’s love for her furry, scaly and feathered friends is her sense of humor.

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Enter the Happy Healthy Cat Photo Contest

November 10, 2010 MAF

Entries will be judged by America’s golden girl and Morris Animal Foundation trustee, Betty White.

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The 2011 Betty White Calendar is now available

September 23, 2010 MAF

Betty is graciously donating the royalties from her 2011 calendar to the Foundation. The calendar is now available wherever calendars are sold: bookstores, gift stores, online retailers and department stores.

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Betty White Apparel

August 4, 2010 MAF

Men's and women's items will include T-shirts and HoodieBuddy sweatshirts with earphones incorporated into the hood strings. Part of the proceeds will benefit Morris Animal Foundation.

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Wildlife Efforts Underway in the Gulf

June 23, 2010 From AVMF

AVMF supports the work of the Morris Animal Foundation and Betty White.

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MAF Goes Wild with Betty White

May 11, 2010 MAF

We established the Betty White Wildlife Rapid Response Fund to give wildlife researchers timely monetary aid to respond to unexpected events, such as natural disasters and emerging diseases, that result in the immediate need for animal health research.

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Betty White and Sir Elton John Help Dogs Live Longer, Healthier Lives

March 8, 2010 MAF

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MAF Honors Betty White

February 12, 2010 MAF

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