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Selected Publications Resulting from Morris Animal Foundation–funded Research

March 14, 2012 MAF

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The search for better antibiotics for treating captive animals

February 23, 2012 MAF

What do African lions, American alligators, Amur tigers and grizzly bears all have in common? Besides being a bit toothy, all are wild animals that often need medication when they are housed in captivity.

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Mapping a treatment for canine back pain

February 22, 2012 MAF

For some of us, back pain is the bane of our existence. It turns out we are in good company—with dogs. Our four-legged friends are not immune to back pain either.

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Researcher puts safety first in quest for vaccine

February 21, 2012 MAF

When it comes to testing possible vaccines for deadly foal pneumonia, Dr. Stephen A. Hines, of Washington State University, makes animal safety his first priority.

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Cool science is the wave of the future

February 17, 2012 MAF

foundation CEO talks about the next big thing

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History’s largest dog study gets ready for takeoff

February 17, 2012 MAF

Most of us know that smoking increases the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure increases the risk of stroke and physical activity reduces the risk of both.

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Identifying patterns of movement

February 17, 2012

Fellow works to prevent parasite outbreaks that kill sea otters

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Morris Animal Foundation Launches Innovative Canine Health Project

February 16, 2012 MAF

Veterinarians Invited to Participate in Largest and Longest Observational Study Ever Undertaken to Advance Veterinary Medicine

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Morris Animal Foundation Marketplace

February 15, 2012 MAF

Shop the Morris Animal Foundation Marketplace where your purchase helps your pet and other animals enjoy longer, healthier lives: 20% of all store proceeds go directly to the Morris Animal Foundation.

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Preserved Habitat Near National Parks Helps Species Conservation

February 1, 2012 MAF

Released: 1/30/2012 2:30 PM EST Source: University of Washington Read more.

2011: A Banner Year for Helping Animals

January 9, 2012 MAF

In 2011, Morris Animal Foundation saw many important outcomes from studies we’ve funded all over the world.

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Monitoring stress in bears

December 29, 2011 MAF

Human activities can negatively affect wildlife populations, and in some cases may result in long-term stress and health problems in individual animals.

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A Call to Save the Whooping Crane

December 22, 2011 MAF

Great article from Smithsonian magazine about a Foundation funded study. Read more.

Selected Publications Resulting from Morris Animal Foundation–funded Research

December 1, 2011 MAF

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Novel cancer treatment reduces side effects and cost

November 28, 2011 MAF

Painful images of hair loss, long hospital visits, fatigue and sickness are immediately associated with the common cancer treatments, which is why some pet owners are reluctant to seek therapy for their animals.

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Veterinary teams join us at the NAVC and WVC Research Symposiums

November 16, 2011 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation will hold “Research that Impacts Your Practice” symposiums at the North American Veterinary Conference and Western Veterinary Conference.

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New Science Tackles Antibiotic Resistance and Much More

September 30, 2011 MAF

Have you ever wondered why your doctor insists that you finish your prescription of antibiotics? With all the fuss that we hear in the media about antibiotics becoming less effective and overused, one might assume that quitting your antibiotics when you feel better, instead of taking the whole course, would be better for our bodies. Not so—for us or for our pets. In fact, the opposite is true, and antibiotics are becoming less effective precisely because people don’t take their full prescriptions or make certain their pets complete their medications.

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Swimming in dark waters

August 23, 2011 MAF

On any given day you can be sure that there are at least a dozen people lined up to see two of the best attractions at any zoo: the sea otters and sea lions. Kids run back and forth in front of the animals’ glass enclosures to encourage the hopelessly cute animals to follow them.

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Peering into the future

August 19, 2011

The answer is in the genes

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New Drug Administration Option Improves Cancer Treatment Success and Decreases Side Effects

August 17, 2011

Conventional chemotherapy drugs only modestly improve cancer survival rates while also causing notable side effects. Metronomic therapy, a novel method of administering chemotherapy that involves frequent, low-level doses of chemotherapy rather than higher doses given at longer intervals, may improve treatment response and decrease side effects.

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