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New Science Could Increase Survival of Sick Foals

July 6, 2012 MAF

Sepsis is the no. 1 cause of death in newborn foals. This life-threatening condition impairs several bodily functions, including energy metabolism. This study examined the levels of two important energy-regulating hormones, insulin and leptin, in foals with sepsis.

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Researchers Study Impact of Environment and Stress on Cheetah Health

July 3, 2012 MAF

Captive cheetah populations worldwide are plagued by debilitating diseases and infertility, conditions that are rare in wild cheetahs. Although these condtions were originally thought to be associated with the lack of genetic diversity in captive animals, mounting evidence indicates that chronic stress in response to aspects of the captive environment alters the cheetah’s immune system.

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Three Veterinary Scholars Rewarded by Morris Animal Foundation

June 27, 2012 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation recently awarded prize money to two veterinary students and a graduate student in recognition of the animal health projects they completed to improve the health and well-being of small companion animals. The prizes were awarded at the Foundation’s small companion animal scientific review meeting held in Denver from June 19 to 23.

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Scientists Produce Probiotic Bacteria with Potential to Prevent Urinary Oxalate Stones

June 13, 2012 MAF

Urinary stones are a common problem in dogs, and one that can cause life-threatening obstruction of the urinary tract. One common type of urinary stone is made of calcium oxalate.

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New wildlife studies help a multitude of species worldwide

June 4, 2012 MAF

Part of Morris Animal Foundation’s unique contribution to animal health is that our mission includes helping wildlife. And not only do we fund wildlife health research, but the Foundation is often the only source of funding for wildlife scientists.

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Meisha’s Legacy Celebrates 10 Years of Giving Hope

May 21, 2012 MAF

The Meisha’s Hope Fund, established to advance research into autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA), will celebrate its 10-year anniversary on May 25, 2012.

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No squawking when it comes to pain

May 18, 2012 MAF

Researcher finds ways to evaluate and treat pain in birds

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Unique characteristics make horses prone to pain

May 18, 2012 MAF

While the options for alleviating pain in cats and dogs have improved significantly over the past decade or so, there is much to be learned about which drugs will work best for horses’ unique physiology and anatomy.

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New tools get to the heart of feline aches

May 18, 2012 MAF

Have you ever watched a cat jump off a high countertop and the first thought that pops into your mind is, “Wow, that’s gotta hurt!”

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Snuff out the ouch

May 18, 2012 MAF

Humans have been controlling their own pain for thousands of years—not so for animals.

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A postoperative pop of pain relief

May 18, 2012 MAf

Research shows that novel drug formulation works in just one shot

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Chance encounter leads to lifelong puppy love

May 18, 2012 MAF

Diane Tanner can trace her commitment to Morris Animal Foundation back to a youthful joy ride and a serendipitous encounter with a Doberman who changed her life.

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On a cold-blooded crusade

May 18, 2012 MAF

For centuries philosophers and scientists have debated the question, “Can animals feel pain?” Until about three decades ago, the answer to that question was thought to be “no.”

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Morris Animal Foundation receives $170k from Paul Mitchell Schools!

May 16, 2012 MAF

Glittering with gorgeous gowns and glamorous hairdos, the legendary Beverly Hilton, home of the Golden Globe Awards, rolled out the red carpet for the Paul Mitchell Schools’ 9th annual FUNraising Gala.

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Become a Loyal Friend to help advance animal health

May 2, 2012 MAF

By becoming a Loyal Friend and enrolling in automatic monthly giving, you provide ongoing, sustainable support for the programs that create a healthier tomorrow for animals.

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Seasonal risks for pets

April 13, 2012 MAF

It can be easy to forget about outdoor seasonal risk factors for our pets, especially after a long winter. So here is a refresher on what to look for in the coming months and how Morris Animal Foundation is addressing these dangerous seasonal disease risks.

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Morris Animal Foundation Serves Up Specialty Medicine for Pets

April 9, 2012 MAF

In some ways, Morris Animal Foundation operates like a specialty grocer. We have our shelves stocked with top-of-the-line products (the groundbreaking studies into widespread diseases we usually talk about).

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Parasite Control in Giraffes

March 19, 2012 MAF

Captive giraffes are highly susceptible to parasitic infections that cause weight loss, lethargy and even death. Treatment to prevent parasites has caused some animals to develop resistance to medications, likely because of improper dosing.

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Selected Publications Resulting from Morris Animal Foundation–funded Research

March 14, 2012 MAF

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The search for better antibiotics for treating captive animals

February 23, 2012 MAF

What do African lions, American alligators, Amur tigers and grizzly bears all have in common? Besides being a bit toothy, all are wild animals that often need medication when they are housed in captivity.

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