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Morris Animal Foundation Celebrates Anniversary with Matching Gift

September 30, 2013

Morris Animal Foundation would like to thank our loyal donors for your generous donations! Because of you, we surpassed the goal we set for our 65th Anniversary Matching Gift Challenge. Thousands of animal lovers across the country dug deep and gave generously to put us over the top, ensuring we received a...

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Upcoming Human-Animal Bond Research Funding Opportunities

May 2, 2013

Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) has announced funding will be made available for high-quality research designed to better understand the human and animal health benefits of the human-animal bond in seven areas.

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Study Shows High Prevalence of Anemia-Causing Parasite in South American Camelids

July 17, 2012 MAF

Mycoplasma haemolamae is a bacterium that attaches to red blood cells and causes anemia in South American camelids. A recently developed blood test for diagnosing infection indicates that some infected animals do not show clinical signs of anemia.

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Three Veterinary Scholars Rewarded by Morris Animal Foundation

June 27, 2012 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation recently awarded prize money to two veterinary students and a graduate student in recognition of the animal health projects they completed to improve the health and well-being of small companion animals. The prizes were awarded at the Foundation’s small companion animal scientific review meeting held in Denver from June 19 to 23.

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Chance encounter leads to lifelong puppy love

May 18, 2012 MAF

Diane Tanner can trace her commitment to Morris Animal Foundation back to a youthful joy ride and a serendipitous encounter with a Doberman who changed her life.

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A postoperative pop of pain relief

May 18, 2012 MAf

Research shows that novel drug formulation works in just one shot

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On a cold-blooded crusade

May 18, 2012 MAF

For centuries philosophers and scientists have debated the question, “Can animals feel pain?” Until about three decades ago, the answer to that question was thought to be “no.”

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Become a Loyal Friend to help advance animal health

May 2, 2012 MAF

By becoming a Loyal Friend and enrolling in automatic monthly giving, you provide ongoing, sustainable support for the programs that create a healthier tomorrow for animals.

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Seasonal risks for pets

April 13, 2012 MAF

It can be easy to forget about outdoor seasonal risk factors for our pets, especially after a long winter. So here is a refresher on what to look for in the coming months and how Morris Animal Foundation is addressing these dangerous seasonal disease risks.

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Morris Animal Foundation Serves Up Specialty Medicine for Pets

April 9, 2012 MAF

In some ways, Morris Animal Foundation operates like a specialty grocer. We have our shelves stocked with top-of-the-line products (the groundbreaking studies into widespread diseases we usually talk about).

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Selected Publications Resulting from Morris Animal Foundation–funded Research

March 14, 2012 MAF

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The search for better antibiotics for treating captive animals

February 23, 2012 MAF

What do African lions, American alligators, Amur tigers and grizzly bears all have in common? Besides being a bit toothy, all are wild animals that often need medication when they are housed in captivity.

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Cool science is the wave of the future

February 17, 2012 MAF

foundation CEO talks about the next big thing

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Morris Animal Foundation Launches Innovative Canine Health Project

February 16, 2012 MAF

Veterinarians Invited to Participate in Largest and Longest Observational Study Ever Undertaken to Advance Veterinary Medicine

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Morris Animal Foundation Marketplace

February 15, 2012 MAF

Shop the Morris Animal Foundation Marketplace where your purchase helps your pet and other animals enjoy longer, healthier lives: 20% of all store proceeds go directly to the Morris Animal Foundation.

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Preserved Habitat Near National Parks Helps Species Conservation

February 1, 2012 MAF

Released: 1/30/2012 2:30 PM EST Source: University of Washington Read more.

2011: A Banner Year for Helping Animals

January 9, 2012 MAF

In 2011, Morris Animal Foundation saw many important outcomes from studies we’ve funded all over the world.

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Selected Publications Resulting from Morris Animal Foundation–funded Research

December 1, 2011 MAF

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Veterinary teams join us at the NAVC and WVC Research Symposiums

November 16, 2011 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation will hold “Research that Impacts Your Practice” symposiums at the North American Veterinary Conference and Western Veterinary Conference.

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Founder’s Sister Leaves Lesson of Companionship at Any Age

July 11, 2011 MAF

Kids and animals usually seem to steal the spotlight when one talks about the human–animal bond, but as people age, pets may play an increasingly important role in their lives.

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