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Founder’s Sister Leaves Lesson of Companionship at Any Age

July 11, 2011 MAF

Kids and animals usually seem to steal the spotlight when one talks about the human–animal bond, but as people age, pets may play an increasingly important role in their lives.

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Tests Prove Limitations of Deworming Drugs for Camelids

July 8, 2011 MAF

Many llamas and alpacas suffer from sometimes fatal worm-related illnesses because they receive ineffective doses of dewormer medications that are based on doses given to other species, such as sheep and cattle.

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KSU vet student named a Morris scholar

July 8, 2011 MAF

Megan Lawrence, second-year veterinary medicine student from Leavenworth, is participating in the Morris Animal Foundation's 2011 Veterinary Student Scholar program. Read more.

Three Future Vets Rewarded by Morris Animal Foundation

June 30, 2011 MAF

Veterinary Students Recognized for Their Contributions to Small Companion Animal Health Research Read more.

May Veterinary Honor Roll

June 21, 2011 MAF

The following veterinarians were honored by their clients for outstanding service and dedication. Read more.

Research in Action

June 7, 2011 MAF

Alpacas can suffer from bacterial infections, such as pneumonia, peritonitis, sepsis and uterine and dental infection, that require long-term antibiotic therapy; however, there is currently a lack of information about effective drugs to treat these infections.

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Big clinic offers big benefits

May 18, 2011 MAF

Veterinarians excel at personal touch and charitable giving

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David Haworth Joins Morris Animal Foundation as New President and CEO

May 14, 2011 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of David Haworth, DVM, PhD, as its new president and CEO.

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April Veterinary Honor Roll

May 11, 2011 MAF

The following veterinarians were honored by their clients for outstanding service and dedication. Read more.

Study Results Lead to Better Treatment of Urinary Tract Diseases in Pets

April 13, 2011

One of the hardest parts about caring for pets is that they can’t tell us when they’re sick. But with a careful eye, you can notice when your pet suffers from disease conditions affecting the urinary tract.

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Kid Content

April 8, 2011 MAF

We’re thrilled to announce that is up and running! This site is intended to educate children about Morris Animal Foundation and to highlight our partnership with Disneynature’s African Cats, which debuts in theaters on Earth Day, April 22.

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Ways to Help After Disaster In Japan

March 21, 2011 MAF

When news spread last week about the devastation in Japan, each of us at Morris Animal Foundation felt deeply for the hundreds of thousands of lives threatened, both human and animal. Read more.

Veterinary Drug Recalled

March 14, 2011 MAF

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to veterinarians about the possibility that phenobarbital tablets produced and labeled as phenobarbital by Qualitest Pharmaceuticals may actually be mislabeled hydrocodone tartrate and acetaminophen tablets. Read more.

AnimalNews 11.1: Tackling Top Diseases in Pets

March 2, 2011 MAF

This issue of AnimalNews features studies addressing some of the most common health problems in dogs, cats and horses—the ones that account for most veterinary visits.

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Vet visits add up

March 1, 2011

Many of us are going to great lengths, and expense, to keep our four-legged family members healthy—and each year, we’re willing to spend more.

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Applications for Veterinary Student Scholars Program Doubles

February 17, 2011 MAF

Since its inception, the Veterinary Student Scholars Program at Morris Animal Foundation has grown from an initial class of 24 veterinary students in 2005 to 73 in 2010. Read more.

Surviving the recent “Great Recession"

February 16, 2011 Thomas Stevens, Manager, Veterinary Outreach

On a recent visit to California I met with staff at a successful clinic that has been in business for almost 20 years. I asked the clinic staff how they survived what the practice manager called the recent “Great Recession.” Read more.

Symposium during the Western Veterinary Conference

February 14, 2011 MAF

"Research that Impacts Your Practice" will provide new information recently generated from Morris Animal Foundation–funded companion animal health research studies. Our goal is to provide attendees with highly relevant information they can implement in their practice Read more.

Evaluation of Behavior, Owner Attachment and Other Reasons for Relinquishment of Dogs to Shelters

January 6, 2011 MAF

Study Results: Problematic Behaviors Lead to Break in Human–Animal Bond Behavioral problems are a significant reason for relinquishment and euthanasia for millions of dogs.

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Creating a Healthier Tomorrow for Animals® in 2010

December 10, 2010 MAF

Morris Animal Foundation funded nearly 300 animal health and welfare studies in 2010. Many of them will help companion animals, horses and wildlife worldwide enjoy longer, healthier lives.

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