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A Child’s Love of Animals; A Family Honoring Their Son’s Dream

January 18, 2017 MAF

Most kids love animals in a big, warm and wonderful way. But Ben Cote took that love to a whole new level. After losing a fight with childhood cancer, his parents were determined to help see his dreams of helping animals come true.

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High School Freshman Receives First Place Award for Golden Retriever Lifetime Study

April 2, 2013

Cherry Creek High School freshman Apoorva Krishnan took her love for animals to the next level by getting involved in Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study.

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Fighting back during Pet Cancer Awareness Month

May 1, 2012 MAF

PETCO and the Blue Buffalo Co. Pledge to Raise $1 Million for Morris Animal Foundation.

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Developing DNA tests to diagnose cancer in cats

August 19, 2011

Every year, thousands of cats develop tumors that appear to be linked to routine vaccination and other injections. These injection site–associated sarcomas (ISASs) are typically more aggressive than sarcomas that occur spontaneously. In addition, ISASs often require more intensive treatment and show a higher risk of recurrence after surgical removal. For these reasons, accurate diagnosis of the tumor subtype can significantly affect the outcome for sarcoma patients.

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New Drug Administration Option Improves Cancer Treatment Success and Decreases Side Effects

August 17, 2011

Conventional chemotherapy drugs only modestly improve cancer survival rates while also causing notable side effects. Metronomic therapy, a novel method of administering chemotherapy that involves frequent, low-level doses of chemotherapy rather than higher doses given at longer intervals, may improve treatment response and decrease side effects.

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Study Identifies Promising New Drug Therapy for Feline Oral Cancer

June 22, 2011 MAF

About 10 percent of all tumors in cats are oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), making this the third most common tumor in cats.

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Betty White to Lead Canine Cancer–Fighting Dream Team for Morris Animal Foundation

May 19, 2011 MAF

PETCO and the Blue Buffalo Co. Pledge to Raise $1 Million for Foundation in Honor of Pet Cancer Awareness Month Read more.

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Walk Raises Over $60,000 for Canine Cancer

May 1, 2010 MAF

The K9 Cancer Walk in Elk Grove, California, had raised more than $61,000 as of Saturday! We had more than 700 registered participants and 44 teams. This was more than double the original goal for both revenue raised and participants.

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Share Your Canine Cancer Memories and Stories

February 17, 2010 MAF

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Better Evaluation of Suspected Lymphoma Cause

November 18, 2009 MAF

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National Canine Health Initiative Discussed

October 27, 2009 MAF

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News About Facial Cancer in Horses

October 26, 2009 MAF

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Estes Park K9 Cancer Walk Videos

October 1, 2009 MAF

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1st annual Estes Park K9 Cancer Walk

September 29, 2009 MAF

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Insight Into Chemotherapy Resistance

September 9, 2009 MAF

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K9 Cancer Walk Elk Grove was a success!

August 2, 2009 MAF

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