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Comparative Effects of Pacing Site in Dogs With Complete Heart Block

Morris Animal Foundation–Funded Clinical Trial

D05CA-309, University of Florida, Dr. Amara Estrada

Patients needed: Dogs with complete heart block

Procedure performed: Pacemaker implantation

Study Outline: Complete heart block occurs in all breeds of dogs and causes signs of exercise intolerance, collapse episodes and a poor quality of life for patients. Pacemakers have been implanted in humans since 1958 and are commonly used in affected canine patients as well. This clinical trial looks at dogs in need of pacemaker therapy and investigates the immediate and long-term differences in cardiac function when pacemaker implantation is performed at various sites within the heart. The results will provide veterinary cardiologists with critical information for optimizing pacemaker therapy and improving the length and quality of life for dogs needing this treatment. This grant will support a young investigator's further training in studying canine heart disease.

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