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Finances and Insurance

Everyone hopes their pets will live a long, healthy life, but pets do get sick and injured, sometimes seriously. Medical treatment can be costly and sometimes overwhelming for owners.

Financial Assistance
Providing financial assistance does not fall within our mission, but the following organizations may be able to help with veterinary medical expenses.

Many other organizations can help cover the costs of veterinary bills. Many are specific to one breed, so check with the local breed rescue organization to see if there is one for your pet. Also, check with your local shelter or chapter of the humane society. These organizations typically know of other organizations that may help only on a local level.

Pet Insurance
The financial burden of caring for an injured, sick or aging pet can be challenging for many pet parents. One way to ease the potential costs of veterinary care is to purchase pet insurance. There are many pet insurance companies in the United States, so it's important to investigate which company and which plan will best fit your needs and those of your pet. The North American Pet Health Insurance Association is an independent source to help those interested in insurance for their pets determine what pet insurance should be providing.