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Health Warning Signs in Cats

Cats are masters at hiding pain and suffering. You may think your cat is perfectly healthy, but she could have a major illness that is undetected. You can be your cat's health care advocate by seeking routine care and watching for these subtle signs of disease. If your cat exhibits any of these behaviors, seek veterinary advice. Many diseases can be easily treated or managed if caught early. See our age/disease chart to determine your cat's health risks based on his or her age.

  • Changes in chewing, eating and drinking habits
  • Drastic weight gain or loss
  • Withdraws from social interaction or avoids touching
  • Changes in activity level including sleeping more or hyperactivity
  • Increased vocalization
  • Increased urination and "accidents"
  • Struggling to urinate – this is an emergency
  • Grooms less or grooms certain areas excessively
  • Acts out of character