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New Veterinary Research Will Help Dogs Enjoy Longer, Healthier Lives

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Kelley Weir

Morris Animal Foundation Announces $6 Million in Funding for Canine Health Studies

November 4, 2010

Denver—Helping dogs enjoy longer, healthier lives requires ongoing research to give veterinarians the tools they need to better diagnose and treat “man’s best friend.” Morris Animal Foundation, a world leader in supporting research to prevent, treat and cure disease in companion animals, horses and wildlife, will manage about 300 animal health studies in 2011, with support for those studies totaling $17 million over the next three years. During this time, more than $6 million will go toward canine health and welfare research.  

More than 50 active canine health studies are addressing serious health and welfare issues that dogs face, including blood and eye disorders, infectious diseases, orthopedic problems, pain management, early retirement of guide dogs and urinary problems. More than 25 studies, as part of the Foundation’s Canine Cancer Campaign, are investigating new methods for cancer prevention and treatment in dogs. Learn more about the campaign at

Individuals and groups have a unique opportunity to help animals by sponsoring these studies. Co-sponsorships begin at $3,000. Sponsorship information is available on our website, by calling 800.243.2345 or by e-mailing

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