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Our staff is committed and compassionate because, like our supporters, we are animal lovers, too. We believe in Morris Animal Foundation's mission to improve the health and welfare of animals.

The Foundation staff includes talented and respected professionals with diverse backgrounds in science, animal health, and nonprofit and private business.

Marketing & Brand Strategy
Scientific Programs


John Reddington, DVM, PhD, President and CEO
Tiffany Grunert, Vice President of Marketing & Brand Strategy
Laurie Peterson, Vice President for Development


Peggy Dixon, Accountant /HR
Hillary Gurman, Customer Relations /Receptionist 
Dan Liphardt, IT Coordinator
Darcy Nelson, Office Service Coordinator
Stacy van Buren, Accounting Director
Lisa Whipple, Executive Assistant


Annual Giving
Christy Corea, Donor Relations Specialist
Helen Carpenter, Database Administrator
Jackie Poliseo, Donor Relations Manager
Leslie Parker, Manager of Development Operations
Caitlin Schall, Database and Development Administrator

Major Gifts & Planned Giving
Rachelle Beisel, Major Gifts Officer & Annual Giving Strategist
Rebecca Richman, Sr. Research Specialist
Clark Witzleben, Sr. Development Officer
Sara Yeransian, Major Gifts Officer

Marketing & Brand Strategy

Carol Borchert, Sr. Director of Communications
Kelly Diehl, Scientific Writer /Science Curator
Scott Hantman, Digital Marketing Associate
Jeanne Horne, Director of Digital Marketing
Lindsey Katapski, Associate Director of Marketing
Nicole Maluso, Associate Art Director
Jean Vore, Sr. Specialist, Scientific Communications

Scientific Programs

Intramural Research
Sharon Albright, DVM, CCRT, Study Veterinarian
Annie Li, Volunteer Manager
Erin Searfoss, Study Director
Missy Simpson, DVM, PhD, Internal Research Scientist

Extramural Research
Mollie Boettcher, Grants Administrator
Cherie Cassel, Senior Grants Administration
Liz Nahon, DVM, Director of Extramural Research