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Debbie Davenport, DVM, MS, DACVIM

Board trustee

When Dr. Debbie Davenport, Director of Professional Education at Hill's Pet Nutrition and Executive Director of the Mark Morris Institute, began her career as a veterinarian, she often found herself frustrated by the lack of options to treat life-threatening illness including cancer, heart disease and neurological conditions. A member of the Morris Animal Foundation Board of Trustees since 2003, she’s been able to watch the body of knowledge grow that is advancing veterinary medicine, and to be a part of exciting changes making animal health care better than ever. She champions the excellent science of the researchers who receive Foundation grants. “I am so proud of what we are able to accomplish and the science we are able to support through our granting process. If it weren’t for this organization, a lot of excellent research critical to advancing animal health just would not be possible.”